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About Shobha Interior

about shobha interior

Shobha Interior Decorator & Contractor

About Us

Who We Are

Shobha Interior Decorator & Contractor has decided to take the launch into the World of Business by following their Passion for designing creative and symmetrical spaces in line with latest design materials and technology.

Today Shobha Interior Decorator & Contractor is a full Interior Design, Formulation and Execution Agency with a staff of 10+ professionals which follow the three principles in Interior Design that are critical:

  1. Interior Design & Drafting
  2. Sourcing & Commercial
  3. Client after Sales Service

Mission and Vision

Our Vision is to systematically deliver eco-friendly world class finishes in our interior design concepts and executions.  Also we aim to complete all projects in such a way to create an atmosphere that will echo the desires of our clients’ hearts and to bring to life their life style in harmony with nature.

Our Mission includes the following:

  1. To become the leader of innovative products and beginners of the modern art execution.
  2. To work with respect to the clients’ requirement and exceed their expectations in terms of quality, cost control and time management.
  3. To become the client’s first choice always by using the finest materials and creating an outstanding workmanship in interior execution.
  4. To work to our fullest to satisfy the desires and needs of the clients and provide them with world class interiors and furnishings.

Why Us

With running time and experience, we have improved ourselves and adapted our style of working to a better plan, design and execution. And with our efforts, we have been able to bring down the turnaround time for the completion of our projects to less than 80% of the Industry norm.

How we have achieved all this?

It’s simple…

  • We stick to the norms and deadlines.
  • We work very much harder than other agencies.
  • We ask the clients to refine their vision of their dream space.
  • We focus on delivering very high quality design & drafting consulting.