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Well, there are many differences between interior designs and interior decorating. We have found few differences between interior designs and interior decorating. However, this a common delusion, as you will see below. I hope so this article will help you to choose the right person for your project.


Interior designs



Interior designs is just like an art. It’s all about finding clever layout solutions for interior environment while supporting the health. And it is art of planning how the home should be design. An interior designer is a person who works with contractors, architects, engineers, craftsmen, furniture dealers, and business and homeowners to create a designs of your room.



Interior decorating





  • Interior decorators are creative professional and they have diploma-level qualifications in their field. They decorate a space with the latest and charming things.


  • Interior designers can be decorate house, but interior decorator can not design your house.




  • Interior design is the art to design practical spaces, on the other hand decoration is the furnishing of a space with the latest and charming things.


  • Primary focus of decorator on furnishing, fabrics, colors and flooring, designers concentrate on everything that will help to design any kind of space.




  • Interior design is a particular field, which require special training, education, etc. on the other side decorators require only a sense of style.


  • Interior designers invest a big portion of their time learning about structure and architecture of building but interior decorator don’t spend a large portion of their time.



  • Interior decorators are stylish and interior designers are extremely skilled professionals.


  • Interior designers are highly experienced in understanding lighting, environment, building structure and code, technical construction, etc on the other side interior decorator are specialized in selecting paint, furnishing, color theme, etc.


  • Designers are relaxed with dimensional planing and can help design interior but interior decorator are comfortable with contractor and architects to achieve the customer requirements.